Trout & About!

Wedding Menu with a difference
When it comes to creating something out of the ordinary, Claret Catering can be relied upon to deliver and indeed exceed their client’s expectations, as Emma and Jonathan Wright found out when they decided they wanted to use Emma’s father’s smoked trout, as a key element of the wedding menu

The couple had previously tried a number of local caterers who all declined this  Wedding menu opportunity to make the family’s day, (or at least the food part of it), hugely personal and tailored to their requirements.  Happily for them, Dawn was very keen to help them out.

Emma’s dad is a keen fisherman and they wanted to use the trout that he catches himself and has smoked locally, within the meal. When they contacted Dawn, she was delighted and excited to help and travelled over to their home in Hampshire, having created a dish to show off the delicious smoked fish.  The family met with Dawn for a tasting session, the food was agreed as delicious and they were 100% happy to go ahead with the wedding menuPlease allow images

The result was more than the couple could have wished for.   They had comments from all their friends and family, reporting how impressed they were with the meal and how delighted they were to be able to taste some of dad’s hand caught smoked trout!

Emma and Jonathan commented “We wanted to say a massive thank you to Dawn and the team.  The food was beautiful and it was such an amazing thing that you did for us by incorporating dad’s trout.  You helped to make our wedding day perfect.  We are so, so happy with our day and you were a massive part of that – so thank you”